Market analytics

We source and digitize all available information on FMCG promotions, so that you can quickly dig in market data and draw actionable conclusions. Our platform offers multiple level of analysis and reporting. Either you are a brand or a retailer, you can customize your set of data and reports. Get an instant snapshot of statistics around promo intensity, share of promotion voice for retailers/ brands and historical trends, as well as analytical reports up to SKU level.

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Full set of Promotional data

Target the specific audience through your advertising account, delivering the right message to the right people.

Custom reports

Quickly setup the reports that fit your needs and enjoy a 1-click access to your information.

Historic trends

View promotions in perspective. Compare different periods, decode competition promo strategy and explain business results.


Everything you need around market information, every morning in your inbox. Get near – real time notifications when a competitive promo hits the market, together with end of month promo the right people.

Data Exports

We do our best to serve you all the information you need in the best possible way. But, if you want to take it further, export all data in excel format and continue with your own analysis.

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