Consumer insights

A growing community of more than 350.000 Greek consumers

Get meaningful insights from specific profile groups, with proven consumer behavior. Every action within Pockee platform links back to a specific profile and that way you can have a 360° view of the consumers.

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Purchase intent

Consumers that take a step towards buying a brand, via adding it to their shopping list, ‘watching’ it for future promotion alerts, or simply browsing its details.

Actual purchase

Confirmed product purchases in one of our 18 retail partners, who covermore than 90% of the grocery market in Greece.

Product & Stores ratings

Real consumer ratings & reviews from people that have bought your product or visited your store. Our consumers love to state their opinion and you will love the amount and quality of feedback that you will get!

Basket analysis

Find out which are the top affinity categories to your brand and which consumers are more likely to buy your brand

Targeted surveys

Got a new product and want to know what consumer think about it? Run a targeted survey and get a sizeable amount of responses from consumer that have used your product

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