FMCG Challenges

The physical to digital gap

With over than 80% of Greek consumers searching online for promos & coupons, there is a big gap in traditional industries, like groceries, that rely heavily on the store level experiences.


The broken consumer journey

The infamous Path to Purchase of the grocery consumer still remains a black box for most brands and retailers. A combination of online and offline actions, that cannot be linked, compose a very scattered journey till the final purchase, that leaves brands and retailers with limited data to shaper thei promo & communication strategy.


The lack of digital footprint

Millions are spent every year by brand & retailers both on promotions and in ATL communication. Nevertheless this only drives short term sales, without liaving any digital footprint of each consumer, that would allow customization & ROI optimization for all shopper activities.


"Blind" spending vs the segment of ONE

Old segmentation tactics seem largely irrelevant nowadays. Consumers are overwhelmed with branded communication messages, while showing less and less brand loyalty, due to abundance of options. The good-old tactics of demographic segmentation, based on which a large amount of media € are spent, seem like a recipe for failure… Consumers demand to be treated as units, so brands should approach each one of them as a standalone segment. Can technology power this "segment of ONE" concept? We surely.

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