21st century shopper marketing for FMCG brands and Retailers

We bridge the physical to digital gap, enabling brands & retailers in the FMCG business learn, understand and act on the rich data they receive.

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Pockee Market Intelligence platform is powered by more than 350.000 consumers, interacting with Pockee mobile & web apps.

No more static, ‘dump’ data. See real time analytics on your promotional data, get valuable insights and directly [re]act via Pockee digital platforms

Our operating principles

Focused on data and analytics
Big data, deep insights
Focused on consumer engagement
Share of experience
Focused on content and production
Purposeful positioning

Market Analytics

All the information you need around FMCG promotions in your categories of interest. From super market circulars, to TV offers, to digital promos, to coupons. All in one place, with historic data, analyzed & graphically depicted, for quick decision making.

Pricing Analytics

Full pricing data for own and competitive SKUs, in your categories of interest. Quickly compare price points between product lines & brands. Get alerts on price changes.

Promotional strategy KPIs

Track your promotions KPIs in real time. Understand the impact of your trade & couponing plan has on consumers and plan future activities based on advanced analytics.

We partner with the biggest retailers

and some of the most respectable FMCG brands

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